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Foxe Basin Arctic Wildlife Adventure
(10 days / 10 nights) . . .

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Tour Leader : Pat Rousseau and Local Guides

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Foxe Basin, lying to the west of Baffin Island and to the north of Hudson Bay, is the permanent home of the largest concentration of Atlantic walrus in the eastern Arctic. Three thousand of these animals can be seen by taking daily boat trips from Igloolik where they are found basking on ice floes or rocks. The time is spring in the Arctic and the newborn walrus can be seen with their mothers in large groups. Foxe Basin is also the summer location of 300 bowhead whales which congregate at the floe edge waiting for the ice to clear so they can pass through Fury and Heckla Strait.

We travel by boat to view the walrus and whales, unless prevented by excessive winds which normally occur on half of the available days. On these days, we take short hikes to view the proliferation of Arctic birds which are nesting on the tundra. Accommodation is in small huts; all meals are served in a dining hut except for the lunches which are provided on the boat.

Price includes: 1 night hotel in Ottawa and dinner on Day 1; return airfare Ottawa - Igloolik; all meals and accommodation in Igloolik; all services while in the Inuit camp; and 1 night hotel in Ottawa upon return.

Sunning Walrus on Foxe Basin
Churchill Nature Tours - More Walrus' on Baffin Island

Churchill nature tours - Foxe Basin Arctic Tours

Churchill Nature Tours - Foxe Basin Arctic Tours

Churchill Nature Tours - Walrus

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